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Flow Products

Digital Metal Tube Rotameter


Digital Variable Area Flow Meter.

The inner float magnetic field is detected by high sensitive magnetic field 

detection sensor, enabling the digital readout.

No movement assembly reducing the maintenance.



GlassTube Rotameter



The rotameter with a borosilicate glass and a calibrated  scale directily

read the fluid flow is one of the basic flow measuring instruments.







Orifice Plate And Assembly


The  orifice plate and assembly is employed for measuring the rate

of flow or quantity of moving fluids.


Ori Flow Meter





The ori-flow meter measures flow by inserting an orifice at part of the piping, generating differential pressure before and behind the orifice by means of the flow, and extracting this differential pressure by a suitable method.
Differential pressure (p1-p2) of main orifice & the flow q have shown in equation given below. The flow is proportional to square root of the differential pressure.
Q=cf [2g/ץ(p1-p2)]^1/2 

Q :volumetric flow ,
c :flow co-efficient   
f :cross sectional area of orifice hole    
g :acceleration of gravity                    
p1-p2 :differential pressure                       
ץ : specific weight of fluid.


Averaging Pitot Tube (Annubar)


The pitot tube produces a Differential pressure (DP) signal proportional to the square of the
flow rate in accordance with Bernoulli's theorem. This signal has two components, the high
pressure (HP) and the low pressure (LP).



The Gas Flow Meter is orifice flow meter measures flow by inserting an Orifice Plate in the block between the pipes.

The Differential pressure is detected by highly sensitive differential pressure transducer, by which the pressure drop is very low.



Flow Measurement and control

Spink Electromagnetic Flowmeter-Instrument designed for measuring and indicating flow and total volume of conductive liquids. As there are no moving parts in the flow profile the device can be used to measure extremely dirty liquids containing solids. The flowmeter is for use with conductive liquids only. Range of applications. The flowmete has been designed for use in all process industries including chemical, water and wastewater. Features. The inductive flowmeter R-401 is a highly accurate and stable device. The construction of the flowmeter uses components with a long-term time and temperature stability.

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