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Level Products

Capacitance Type Level Transmitter  



A new generation Capacitance based Level Transmitter for any type of liquid.

It is based on the physical properties  of a capacitor




Diesel Level Transmitter  



It is specially designed for diesel level measurement.
It  is the only transmitter in its class which measures minimum height as low as 65 mm with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.
This is directly  mounted on  any diesel generator fuel tank.
This product is specially designed for mobile tower management system  and has got proven track record at many locations


  LD290 Series  


 Gage Pressure Transmitter and Level:

The LD290M models are an economical alternative for gauge pressure and level transmitters. It is based on a field-proven capacitive sensor that provides reliable, safe operation and high performance. As there is no A/D conversion on pressure reading, errors and drifts during conversions are eliminated. A temperature sensor provides temperature compensations, which combined with the sensor precision, results in high accuracy and stability for the LD290 Series. This lightweight design can eliminate the need for mounting brackets. In many applications they can be attached directly to the process without the use of impulse lines. The coupling of remote seals and sanitary connections are also available for all of the LD290 Series.



Guided Wave Level Transmitter:

The RD400 uses TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) principle for direct measurement of levels in industrial processes. By using a RF frequency generator, RD400 emits waves of low frequency which are guided through a probe in contact with the process. With a dedicated software, the RD400 continuously calculates the time difference between reflected waves and the actual process fluid level.









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