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Digital Metal Tube Rotameter  


Digital Variable Area Flow Meter.

The inner float magnetic field is detected by high sensitive magnetic field detection sensor, enabling the digital readout.

No movement assembly reducing the maintenance.


Capacitance Type Level Transmitter  



A  New Generation  Capacitance  Based  Level   Transmitter For  Any  Type  Of  Liquid.
It  Is Based On The  Physical  Properties  Of  A Capacitor.



Diesel Level Transmitter  



It is specially designed for diesel level  measurement.

It  is the only transmitter in its class which  measures minimum height as low as 65 mm with an accuracy of 0.5 mm.
This is directly  mounted on  any diesel generator fuel tank.
This product is specially designed for mobile tower management system  and has got proven track record at many locations


Ultrasonic Level Transmitter  


Ultrasonic level measuring instrument  for  tanks, and   vessels  of liquids and solids at range up to 40 m (163 ft).

It is also a gauging device for measuring open channel flow.



Glass Tube Rotameter  


The rotameter  with a borosilicate glass  and a calibrated  scale  to  directily  read the fluid flow is one of the basic flow measuring instruments.


Orifice Plate And Assembly  


The  orifice plate and assembly  is employed for measuring the rate of flow or quantity of moving fluids.


Ori Flow Meter  
The ori-flow meter measures flow by inserting an orifice at part of the piping, generating differential pressure before and behind the orifice by means of the flow, and extracting this differential pressure by a suitable method.
Differential pressure (p1-p2) of main orifice & the flow q have shown in equation given below. The flow is proportional to square root of the differential pressure.
Q=cf [2g/ץ(p1-p2)]^1/2 

Q :volumetric flow ,
c :flow co-efficient   
f :cross sectional area of orifice hole    
g :accelerationion of gravity                    
p1-p2 :differential pressure                       
ץ : specific weight of fluid.
The generated differential pressure is sent to the manometer or other differential pressure gauge & a differential flow meter   can be formed by attaching a flow scale to this gauge. However,since  flow indication  is square root scale reading is difficult.   Moreover, incase of remote transmission it is inconvenient because the evolution  operation is performed to obtain linear relarion.
 therefore if a bypass pipe connecting before and  behind point of the main orifice is installed and the flow is branched to that pipe to overcome these disadventage, that flow becomes proportional to the differential
Averaging Pitot Tube (Annubar)  

The pitot tube produces a Differential pressure (DP) signal proportional to the square of the
flow rate in accordance with Bernoulli's theorem. This signal has two components , the high
pressure (HP) and the low pressure (LP).
When the fluid impacts the sensor, it creates a high pressure zone, greater than pipe
static pressure, in front of the sensor. As the fluid moves past the sensor, it accelerates and
a low pressure zone is created to the sides and rear of the senor. Multiple sensing
ports are positioned in the high and low pressure zones and an averaged differential
pressure is produced. The DP increases proportionally to the square of the velocity of the
Level sensor with integrated GSM modem




•  A complete,compactandunifiedsolution
•  Noon-goingfeesfor controlsoftware
•  Rapidreturn on the investment–measuredin months
•  Fit for anysitewhereSMSor GPRSis available
•  Customizedalertsandmonitoringreports


Flow Measurement and control  


Spink Magnetic Flowmeter-R-401is an instrument designed for measuring and indicating flow and total volume of conductive liquids. As there are no moving parts in the flow profile the device can be used to measure extremely dirty liquids containing solids. The flowmeter is for use with conductive liquids only. Range of applications. The inductive flowmeter R-401 has been designed for use in all process industries including chemical, water and wastewater.Features. The inductive flowmeter R-401 is a highly accurate and stable device. The construction of the R-401 indicator uses components with a long-term time and temperature stability



Spink MDT Pro  


Taking Sensor Communication to the next level

The Spink MDT Pro provides state-of-the-art GSM/GPRS wireless
communications with any type of digital or analouge sensors.
Together with the “Spink Middleware” software Modules it
significantly enhances customer service by providing the following
key benefits:

                      •  Remote collection of data
                      •  Remote analysis of data
                      •  Remote diagnosis of system performance


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